Monday, May 23, 2005

organic matters

On the organic front, i think we are at the discovery or emergent phase, i have no clear plan as to how to proceed first, only a strong feeling that there is a wave of energy building for a different type of work experience, which is not dominated by money or financial invetsment or bureaucratic decisions.

The challenge is to allow people to live and grow in an environment which is conducive to building energy, knowledge and then wealth, through positive balanced relationships, where the collective energy and intelligence is made available for sustainable growth, continuously adjusting to the internal and external environment; where individual and group cycles or wavelengths are respected and where money is kept in its perspective , like blood. You need it, it needs to be in good condition and supply, but you don't live your life in function of your blood pressure or blood count analysis.

The ideas at present cover
a) managing/buying/creating companies using organic methods, (here's where the organic investment fund comes in, however it is formed)
b) setting up an organic training centre for apprentice and experienced gardeners,
c) creating a balancing centre for both individuals and groups, using holistic and 'alternative' (i would say natural/organic) methods and treatments and
d) creating a community of practitioners and teachers of organic methods to grow the glue that will help hold it together yet let it grow in function of its environment

Ria found the following, rather good i think.....

There is no coïncidence; so look what I read in this book of Finite and infinite games:
in the chapter: We control nature for societal reasons

""Garden" does not refer to the bounded plot at the edge of the house or the margin of the city. This is not a garden one lives beside, but a garden one lives within. It is a place of growth, of maximized spontaneity. To garden is not to engage in a hobby or an amusement; it is to design a culture capable of adjusting to the widest possible rang of surprise in nature. Gardeners are acutely attentive to the deep patterns of natural order, but are also aware that there will always be much lying beyond their vision. Gardening is a horizon-al activity.
Machine and garden are not absolutely opposed to each other. Machinery can exist in the garden quite as finite games can be played within an infinite game. The question is not one of restricting machines from the garden but asking whether a machine serves the interest of the garden, or the garden the interest of the machine."

"The most elemental difference between the machine and the garden is that one is driven by a force which must be introduced from without, the other grown by an energy which originates from within itself."

"But no machine has been made, nor can one be made, that has the source of its spontaniety within itself. A machine must be designed, constructed, and fueled."

"But no way has been found, or can be found, by which organic growth can be forced from without."

"Though we seem to give it "fuel" in the form of rich earth and appropriate nutrients, we depend on the plant to make use of the fuel by way of its own vitality."

"Vitality cannot be given, only found."

Quite a few pieces of the puzzle have been arriving recently, including our conversations. Just the other day i met a friend of mine who was working in a non-organic environment, he was grey with stress, had a boil on his leg and had difficulty concentrating.
I really believe its time to plant these seeds now and create an environment that doesn't eat people up like this, but enables them to flourish and find a wavelength that suits their phase of development.

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