Tuesday, February 09, 2016

BEST NIGHTINGALE SONG - 3 Hours REALTIME Nightingale Singing, NO LOOP - ...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Conciousness; the last frontier - or maybe the first?


the economist has been thinking about this, see link....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

the emerging paradigm

Systemic maturity,
Spiritual Development,
Stage of life’s path,
Self knowledge,
level of insight,
Depth of love,
and so on…
the words flow around this rock of our perspective,
each with their own history and meaning,
each with its own trigger in us of ideas and emotions,
encouraging judgement, which muddies the water,
of seeing clearly each thing in its perspective and purpose,
all coming together at the point of focus where there is no judgement,
where they have value, create value and inspire value,
and are connected in multiple ways to themselves to each other and to the value they are part of .

Can we perceive the cycles that we all follow, the cycle of love, the cycle of value, the cycle of life
or do we only get confused by the tourbillion of things we can’t make sense of, which has us hit the wall, again, until we find the door.

Judgement is surely a safe port in fog, where the way out is the open sea, and that’s scary even without the fog..

Navigating at sea in unknown waters, needs all our senses, feelings and intuition

and is that land over there? is it a mirage, an island, or a city long forgotten?

muse on my friends, or your muse may be gone.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A new chapter.

Sitting in Denmark, with a new vertical axis wind turbine of 70kw halfway built, helps perspective on several levels.

O=∑Rt Perspectives on sustainable resilient business

By seeing a business or organisation as the sum of its relationships to the power of the trust in the relationships, we unlock the door on a new perspective that helps visualisation, interaction and thinking around the new paradigm.

A sustainable resilient organisation needs to reach a new dimension of being and thinking - complexity and change are a constant, so the capacity to enable the collective brain or intelligence to function and to create a space where emergence is perceived, is one of the elements of the new paradigm.

The resonant wavelengths can be found in the four dimension model that emerges from this perspective. These are the keys to emergent energy which fuels growth, and if we consider the whole as an organism then we begin to see how organic are thinking and interventions need to be.

The first reflection is that an organism has distinct cycles of growth, maturity and death, all of which happen in Business. Isn't the challenge to celebrate and navigate these organic cycles?

Navigation is one of the systemic intervention types, a new skill for most, for use in complex contexts. Identifying and following the energy topographies.

 more later

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


i'm a turn around guy, been doing it for years; i work through story for four reasons.
A) They are sticky, a good story teller takes you with them and makes you part of the story; they are remembered long after numbers or theory have faded, and we've been telling stories for longer than we can remember, as a way of learning/teaching.
B) The story of a companies identity is the key, people attach themselves to this and it becomes a shared story. If its broke, as in my work, nothing will happen until its fixed. Remember a system is the sum of its relationships to the power of the trust in those relationships, story is the explicit form of relationships, and the relationship with identity is fundamental to any complex humans systems DNA or culture if you prefer.
c)If you recognise various systemic contexts (see cynefin.org) you will see that in complex space, story can be used both as a diagnostic - narrative analysis - and as an intervention tool in various forms; indeed it is one of the tolls suited to the emergent methods required under complex conditions.
d) By definition then story is a non linear form which is impossible to quantify, however if you use one of the large story capture systems, Sense maker for example, it allows you to quantify the degree of relevance and occurrence of the archetypes of a system, and in real time story analysis this can give good non linear feed back to track both diagnosis and interventions.
Finally story tracking enables you to find out what is going on without asking questions, see the observer paradox in quantum mechanics, because if a system is in a predominantly complex state, small things like questions, can have bigger unintended consequences and be unintentional interventions in themselves, with all the consequences.

So you see you need to come at story through a new perspective, and ask people to tell you stories about how they use story, because your linear analytical approach (i.e. looking for the answer) may end up with you listening to your own voice, and not whats really going on.
Your size and sector analysis is irrelevant as story is part of human identity everywhere, and the use of it will be driven by those companies that have found it useful in complex conditions, which is difficult to establish through your single answer questions.

If this doesn't help, then your brain has already filtered it out - so no harm is done.
Yours with a story to tell
Julian Still

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Systemics ... the Final Frontier

Systemics... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the systemic practitioner J.R.Still. His continuing mission to explore & help strange new systems. To seek out new tools and understanding, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Captain's log, stardate 0902.2012.1900. A talk to the people of the FOAM Galaxy, they seem to speak complexity and systems thinking, more research is required in their grasp of emergence, relationship mapping and constellations. The Cynefin story continues.....

Friday, November 04, 2011

Mail to mannaz on their requirements for Global Leadership requirements

Dear Mannaz,
i have been in the fringes of your organisation for nearly five years, waiting for evolution to turn the next corner.
I am mostly rejected by Mannaz peole as being to unconventional, difficult and challenging.
If now is the time to embrace some leading edge thinking and new tools emerging in the world of global leadership then i would be happy to talk.
I aplaud and support your list or requirements in Global leadership facilitation. In itself it is a challenge for the entrained thinkers and linearly trained managers that populate the majority of businessnes around the world.
The leading edge of the next generation of these requirements throws down an even bigger challenge.
Ways of thinking will soon be seen as a requirement; Many words have been said on systems thinking, but that's only the beginning. Systemic thinking brings together systems,complexity and learning.
Next up will be an understanding of cognitive processes, at its heart cognitive filters, and the systemic nature of the relationship between Intellect, emotion, the physical body and the spritual dimension.
Finally the next generation of tools requires a new set of skills; collective - distributed thinking and decision making, self organising systems, collective emergence and organic and systemic maturity amongst the more important.
I understand the notion of patience,resonance and attractors so hopefully i will still be available to talk, when you are ready.