Saturday, July 02, 2005


Carolyn Dare convinced me that relationships formed on line (without ever meeting ech other) can be as strong and full of trust as face to face relationships.

On thursday night at the second openbc belgium event (great food from soul food for thought) the air under the Cinquantenaire arch had a buzz to it, the theme was art in business and various artists performed, displayed or mimed their art; brilliant; it must be part of what is missing from the out of balance financial wealth creating world.

Even more amazing was Milena Djekova, a famous (one of the top 5 best known) Bulgarian...
Her violin playing electrified the audience, and her energy cascaded through the room - wonderful to feel.

I'm torn between meeting new 'contacts' and catching up on existing ones, curiosity and familiarity competing. In the end i just went with the flow and spent some time with Milena and some new and older friends.

At one point i heard my self say that Milena could try 'feeling good about her body (she has pneumonia) and then her body might feel good about her', it seemed to open a 'in' channel - momentarily.

Thanks to everybody for the energy input; great.

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