Wednesday, April 05, 2017

New life in an old mill

Introducing the Flietermolen, built in 1788, now one of the oldest buildings in the village of Tollembeek, 25 mins SW of Brussels, Belgium.

Flietermolen cvba, is a multi-stakeholder co-operative, where Farmers, Millers, Bakers, Retailers, Customers, Neighbours and Friends jointly own, organise and share the profits of locally grown cereals, ground into fresh flour, to make delicious bread and bakery. Fresh because we keep the wheat germ, and thereby have a 'fresh' product shelf life of 10 weeks. see

Put the 30th April in your diary and come and meet us all, at our official opening and sale of fresh flour.

We need your help and support, both moral and financial. If you share our convictions and want to see encourage co-operatives, the local economy, short food chains or just healthy Bio food, then please become a member - one share costs 100€, with a maximum of 100 shares per person.
For this you get 45% back from the Belgian tax man, 2% interest, and a share of the annual profit. You also get one vote and an insiders viewpoint on the workings of a multi-stakeholder co-operative, regular invitations to info moments in our transparent financial affairs, to healthy food sessions, to multiple perspective mornings, the annual general party (meeting), and involvement in work groups around new projects, products and social initiatives.

The operational side of the mill is self organizing without a hierarchic boss; along the lines of the best of teal, sociocracy, and holacracy.

You will also get free access to complexity workshops, and complex human system days.
Our starting capital was 30,000€s, this has enabled us to restart the Midget Maxima Roller Mill (from 1950), to produce bio flour. Next we need to buy new grind stones to make whole meal flour, this project is about 25,000€.

Please help to achieve this quickly so that we can reach breakeven.
For more details, pictures, videos etc see our website

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