Wednesday, January 10, 2018

only 14 hours to save the earth.

"I love you Flash, but we only have 14 hours to save the earth."
Dale Arden's words to Flash Gordon in the Queen soundtrack of the film of the same name were triggered in my head when i was asked to put words to this cause.

Flietermolen needs new millstones, and this is being funded through a crowdfunding initiative on

Its a very worthy cause which absolutely deserves your support. Please give something, small starts at 10€s, and do it quickly - we only have 11 days left to save the project, otherwise everybody gets their money back, (and we have no funds for stones).

Flietermolen cvba is a start up based on an old windmill from 1788, its a multi-stakeholder co-operative and a registered organic mill. We work in a 30km radius with locally grown organic grain. We mill white flour in our authentically restored 1950 Midget roller mill, and everybody in the local organic world loves our white flour, and there's the pinch. The stones left behind in the mill weren't suitable for grinding wholemeal flour, only coarse animal feed, so they have to be replaced. Here they are being removed.

We need new stones to make traditional, healthy, wholemeal flour. Please help us.

There are various goodies available on the crowd funding for smaller amounts, if you're feeling particularly inspired then join us and become a member of Flietermolen.
This type of full value chain approach needs all sorts of skills, from volunteers, part time and full time people.
Thanks for your time and support
click here now please! We only have 11 days to save the stones.....

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