Saturday, May 10, 2014

A new chapter.

Sitting in Denmark, with a new vertical axis wind turbine of 70kw halfway built, helps perspective on several levels.

O=∑Rt Perspectives on sustainable resilient business

By seeing a business or organisation as the sum of its relationships to the power of the trust in the relationships, we unlock the door on a new perspective that helps visualisation, interaction and thinking around the new paradigm.

A sustainable resilient organisation needs to reach a new dimension of being and thinking - complexity and change are a constant, so the capacity to enable the collective brain or intelligence to function and to create a space where emergence is perceived, is one of the elements of the new paradigm.

The resonant wavelengths can be found in the four dimension model that emerges from this perspective. These are the keys to emergent energy which fuels growth, and if we consider the whole as an organism then we begin to see how organic are thinking and interventions need to be.

The first reflection is that an organism has distinct cycles of growth, maturity and death, all of which happen in Business. Isn't the challenge to celebrate and navigate these organic cycles?

Navigation is one of the systemic intervention types, a new skill for most, for use in complex contexts. Identifying and following the energy topographies.

 more later

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