Thursday, January 22, 2015

the emerging paradigm

Systemic maturity,
Spiritual Development,
Stage of life’s path,
Self knowledge,
level of insight,
Depth of love,
and so on…
the words flow around this rock of our perspective,
each with their own history and meaning,
each with its own trigger in us of ideas and emotions,
encouraging judgement, which muddies the water,
of seeing clearly each thing in its perspective and purpose,
all coming together at the point of focus where there is no judgement,
where they have value, create value and inspire value,
and are connected in multiple ways to themselves to each other and to the value they are part of .

Can we perceive the cycles that we all follow, the cycle of love, the cycle of value, the cycle of life
or do we only get confused by the tourbillion of things we can’t make sense of, which has us hit the wall, again, until we find the door.

Judgement is surely a safe port in fog, where the way out is the open sea, and that’s scary even without the fog..

Navigating at sea in unknown waters, needs all our senses, feelings and intuition

and is that land over there? is it a mirage, an island, or a city long forgotten?

muse on my friends, or your muse may be gone.

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