Wednesday, June 01, 2016

My news is that i just bought a Windmill, with my half of the old house in Grez Doiceau, and my half of the flat in Schaerbeek, where Jane is going to live - having got a job in a school in Brussels.
It's just 400m from Hilde's house, and it comes with a 5 bedroomed house on a plot with a garden. In need of some renovation, both Mill & house, i'm going to restart the mill, millstones and flour mill is all still there although unused for nearly 10 years. (the sails were removed after war damage in 1950, replaced by a big diesel engine, also now gone i will run with electric motors. I’ll be starting up as an organic mill, there are not many in Belgium so it should have a good market. 

The business will run as a multi-stakeholder cooperative, optimising and sharing the value created across the whole value chain - my thing you know, to demonstrate that complex systems that include customers, suppliers, investors, co-workers and friends can be run successfully, if you understand the nature of complexity and how to navigate and harvest complex conditions.

And that's the third part, together with a friend who’s at from the Prigogine school of complexity at the ULB, a Physicist about our age called Vasilios Basios - greek of course - we're writing a book on harvesting complexity. A non-linear book, based around complexity lunches and workshops we’ve been holding over the past year, we hope in writing to capture a bit of the experience of navigating complex contexts, which means honing your ‘felt sense’ - a combination of Intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, intuition and musical senses. The combination of my operational use of complexity and the theory of complexity science has been fascinating, and inspiring and thats what we’re trying to get first into a book form, although etc,there are obvious multimedia forms too, from games to videos via workshops that we hope to develop over time.

Using the Mill which has great space for meetings and hosting people.

Come and see it when you’re next in Brussels, stay too, lots of space.

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