Tuesday, June 28, 2016

the boundary between trust and love in complex human systems

Iceland is a country the size of Leicester in the UK. The similarity doesn't end there, both places have football teams that achieved remarkable - nay 'impossible' results. Leicester won the Premier league and Iceland not only won through to the finals of the European championship but also qualified from the group stage and then knocked England out of the last 16 to meet France in the quarterfinals.

O=∑Rt (a system is the sum of its relationships to the power of the trust in the relationships)
is an equation that shows how a team with strong relationships can beat a group of Individuals - a well know phenomenon in sport. The equation enables us to see inside a system and watch how the relationships grow and build, or not, and how the trust of the equation becomes love. Love is the strongest most efficient form of trust. With love, often little spoken communication is required, you know and feel the other so well, that a look or even a thought is enough to take the agreed action.

This magic called love is complex, unpredictable, uncontrollable and powerful. The Iceland team has been together since they were youngsters, the environment of few professional footballers didn't allow for anything else. Slowly they have learned to make the best of the skills they have, individually often less than their opponents, and the strength of their teamwork has grown with them. They also have two coaches, giving more perspectives than one, and in their environment they have been able to learn and grow.

The workshop on 5th July at Foam, Brussels will explore how to create the conditions for this growth of relationships and trust and how trust becomes its more powerful efficient form called love.

The Leicester team only came together at the start of last season, yet they too were able to reach a level of 'impossible' results, perhaps with a little more luck, but the stability of their core and the environment  and boundaries created by the manager and his staff team enabled players to reach their full potential.

This is a new form of leadership, not based on ego but on unleashing the collective brain and spirit of a group to take individuals to places they never dreamed of. Understanding the nature of complex human systems is the foundation of this approach.

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